Oral Hygiene: How do I improve it?



1. Brush Better


Making the most of your tooth-brushing routine can go a long way to improving oral hygiene. Just hitting all the main areas in the mouth with the toothbrush is not enough, thorough and careful brushing is required to eliminate more plaque and bacteria. Time yourself, make sure you brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes. Using brushing apps, electronic toothbrushes, all can give the old toothbrush a bit of a glow up. One fun way to accomplish this is jamming out to your favorite tune, as most songs are roughly 2-3 minutes long.


2. Use The Right Tools


Depending on your needs and situation, you might need different tools for a cleaner mouth. Denture users still need to clean their mouth, but a good gentle brush will go a long way. People with braces need special tools to reach between brackets and wires. Depending on your needs, ask your dentist what tools will make the difference in taking the time to improve your oral hygiene routine.



3. Floss Consistently


To improve oral hygiene, being thorough is the foundational goal. A good brushing does a lot, but floss reaches in those tight, hard to reach spaces your brush just can’t hit. Flossing is even more important, knowing that brushing alone doesn’t reach the most important places at risk for the most cavities. Flossing thoroughly after a good brush can give your mouth a refreshing clean that can brighten your day and your smile.




4. Drink Well


Water and milk are both wholesome alternatives that support excellent oral health. Sugary teas, energy drinks, soda, all can have a detrimental impact on your teeth, as they contain the perfect cocktail of enamel softening acids and sugars. Water especially can improve oral hygiene, as it washes away food debris and plaque producing bacteria with every cold sip.


5. Eat Well


Eating well really does have its benefits. This does not mean the occasional treat should be skipped at all times, but that prioritizing fresh produce, and avoiding too much sugar and acid can help keep your teeth clean, and your mouth healthy! Enjoy those treats, but in moderation, and you will see how your oral hygiene will improve a lot.